The Manual: Discomfort

Hey folks.

There’s a saying in Sweden: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. I wasn’t going to let a bit of wind and rain stop me from taking my 4-year-old daughter out for a hike over the weekend. The weather didn’t bother her, so why should it bother me? All you need is a good raincoat!

One of the hardest things about forming a new habit is dealing with the discomfort. One of my goals this year is to get out and experience a life of adventure. I want to make a habit of going outdoors, even when the conditions aren’t great. Enjoy the rain, and snow just as much as the sun.

The weather tends to look worse when you’re on the inside and it’s hitting the windows. Pack your bag and raincoat, put on your boots, and get some wind and rain in your face!

Kia kaha.



  1. Irene Blythe

    100% correct Mike – gotta just go for it!!

  2. You certainly live in the best part of the world for compact adventure!
    I was raised in Wgtn, Wairarapa, & Taranaki where if you could see MT Taranaki it’s a great day!
    I often see a Landrover in some of your pics, we also travelled around NZ in a SII LWB safari Landrover, slow but Oarsum.
    An old NZ ad stated; “Don’t leave home until you’ve seen the Country!”
    Embrace NZ

    1. Taranaki! What a place! Thanks for the comment😍. 100%. Still so much of NZ to explore!

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