The Manual: Standards

Hey folks.

In improving myself, I have learnt that having irrefutable standards is the key to reaching the goals and dreams we have.

It starts with the little things. Making your bed. Flossing regularly. Wiping down the benchtop after making a sandwich. Brushing out the toilet after taking a… You get the picture.

When we do these good little habits consistently, it adds up to having high standards. Often we walk past something that isn’t right and we think ‘That’s someone else’s job’, or ‘I’ll do that later’. Do it now. And then do it every time you see it.

I have a builder friend who literally can’t walk past a door that doesn’t close properly. He’ll get his toolbox out and fix it. Having irrefutable standards means you don’t back down when things are not right.

Kia kaha.

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