Update on the Kruger chrono

It’s been a while since I shared some info on the Kruger, so in this post, I would like to share a bit about the final dial design, and a few tweaks we’ve made along the way.

So, for starters here is the line up!

We wanted to keep it simple and utilitarian for this model, with a focus on high contrast easy to read dials. As always with Draken, we’ll be maximising the lume! Almost every white area you see will either be X1-C3 lume, or BGW9. So for the reverse panda version, and panda and white dial versions, they will have fully luminous subdials and dials respectively. To keep the white as crisp as possible, BGW9 lume will be used in those areas.

We’ll also match the date wheel with the main dial colour as shown above. No lume on the date wheels this time I’m afraid.

Side profiles of the case are as follows:

It’s very similar to the Tugela case with the main difference being the introduction of the pushers, and the different grip on the bezel. The crystal and bezel will follow the same curved profile, but the crystal will be double-domed this time, for a larger distortion-free display. Overall case height is 14.2mm.

How did we achieve 200m water resistance without screw-down pushers? The pushers have a triple gasket setup to safeguard from any water getting in. In saying that, we probably will still recommend against pressing the pushers underwater.

One small design change to note is the introduction of the chamfered rehaut. We had to make the dial slightly smaller because there is a limit of the length of the chrono second hand with the VK63 movement. All the elements of the dial were brought in slightly so that the chrono second hand would line up with the minute track of the dial.

This actually makes it very similar to the Tugela which also has a chamfered rehaut. In the end, I quite liked that there was this similarity/continuity with design.

As for the bracelet, it will come stock on the 3 section link that we’ve used on our other models, but in titanium. We’ll have a play with a few other strap options when the protos come in. I have a feeling this will look killer on a dark brown leather strap, or a green canvas.

There is info to share on the case back design, but I think I’ll save that for another post 😉 Until next time!

Over and out!



  1. Michael Petrizzo

    Looks awesome!!! I’m definitely going to get one. Any chance of a fully mechanical movement?

    1. Thanks Michael. I do really want to do an auto chrono, but will have to be a separate project. The plan is to have a small batch of grade 5 titanium cases made here in New Zealand, and drop an auto chrono movement in. It’s still early days, but we’ll keep you posted.

      1. Interested in the chrono movement please 🙂

        1. Hey Richard. We’re using the Seiko VK63 mechaquartz for the Kruger.

      2. Petri Nuutinen

        Auto chrono with all black dial in a Ti case and a Ti bracelet caused the needle of my Interest-O-meter turning right all the way and banging on the stopper so forcefully that the needle got bent…. Cheers from Finland, Petri 🙂

        1. Ha ha. Thanks Petri. I would love to do the auto version. Hopefully sometime next year.

  2. Cannot wait for this Mike. It looks great.

    1. Cheers Lee. Appreciate your support 😉

    2. stewart matthews

      Look’s great .if there is an automatic would make a great watch even better

  3. Looks killer. Sign me up. The reverse Panda looks ace.

  4. Marinus Snijder

    Yes the layout is clearly better then the first design from march.
    but I am sorry to see that the playful colorsplash of the secondhand below is gone.
    Why is that?

  5. Marinus Snijder

    Great improvement compare to the disign of march, wel done.
    But I am sorry to see that the playful spash of bleu on secondshand below was replaced by a white one.
    I am interested to why it was changed.

  6. Jean-Pierre Diaz

    Those dial prototypes are everything! Awesome! Are you using viton gaskets for this model?

    1. Thanks Jean-Pierre. Yes, we will be using Viton gaskets again 👍

  7. Brayan Bacaro

    If a auto chrono comes out I’ll be first to order!

    1. Cheers Brayan. What would you expect to pay for an auto version?

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