Peregrine Prototypes Nearly Complete

Hey folks.

A new year and an exciting new project! The Peregrine is the new release we have scheduled for launch in March.
I’ve got a few pics of some of the components to share with you. The cases will be fully brushed, in the same way the Aoraki was. We haven’t done a display case back for a while, so it’s nice to see how that has turned out.
It’s good to see the black-filled handset that will be used on the full lume version of the Peregrine. Also please with the shape of the buckles on the sailcloth straps. Looking forward to testing these on wrist.
We should be getting some shots of the dials next week, so stay tuned!
Kia kaha.


  1. “No more watches” I promise myself.
    And then Mike comes along . . .

  2. Absolutely cannot wait for this to release ! Will be getting one as soon as they are available !! If you ever need someone to test / trail / review, sign me up !!!!

  3. Bring it on Mike, looking forward to this beauty.

    1. Cheers Paul!

  4. Would be perfect if you replaced the clasp with an on-the-fly quick adjust one 😉

    1. I decided it was not necessary for this model as it is a pilot watch, not a diver. Also, many of the clasps with OTF adjustment have patents. Some brands ignore this, but I don’t agree with it.

  5. I love what I see so far. Can’t wait to see the production version. I think this is the year I add a Draken to my collection & I’m leaning toward the Peregrine.

    1. Cheers Kevin. Looking forward to having you on board.

  6. Arshia Mostofian

    What is the likely price point for this watch? I’m so stoked to get one asap.

    1. Thanks for the comment Arshia!

      Here is the price breakdown:
      On bracelet:
      Retail price: $599, pre-order price $479 (20% off)

      On sailcloth:
      Retail price: $549, pre-order price: $439 (20% off)

      1. Where and how to pre-order?

        1. Hey Marty.

          Pre-orders will open in mid-March on our website.

      2. Arshia Mostofian

        Thanks Mike. Is that NZD or USD?

        1. Thats USD.

  7. I’m left handed, so very interested.
    Any idea when pre-orders will be available?

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