A case for longevity

We settled on a case size of 39mm to get that sweet spot in proportions between diameter and thickness. Given that we knew we wanted to add and anti-magnetic ‘Faraday’ cage, we couldnt go any smaller than 39mm or it would look too tall.

To further break up the height of the side profile, I added some horizontal lines. This is the equivalent of the fashion trick of wearing vertical lines to make you look taller. Not that is is very thick at 12.4mm.

Faraday cage

So what is a Faraday cage and how does it work?

A Faraday cage is a structure that is designed to block electromagnetic fields. It is named after scientist Michael Faraday, who first discovered the concept in 1836. A Faraday cage works by creating an enclosure of conductive material, such as metal mesh or metal plates, that surrounds the area to be protected. The electrical charges on the conductive material redistribute themselves in such a way as to cancel out any external electromagnetic field inside the enclosure. In this way, the cage acts as a shield, preventing the external field from entering the protected space. Faraday cages are used in a variety of applications, including protecting electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference and shielding sensitive laboratory equipment from external electromagnetic fields.

In the below diagram, you can see the extra pieces of soft iron that we added to surround the movement, protecting it from magnetic interference.

Another component of the case that we have upgraded to improve longevity is the case back gasket.

Gaskets are susceptible to wear from continuous sweat while on your wrist, as well as other chemicals like sunscreen or deodorant. Over years of use this can become a failure point. Viton rubber is formulated to be extremely resistant to chemicals and salt water. The Aoraki will have a Viton gasket on the case back to ensure long term reliability of the watch.

Another feature of the watch that we hadn’t mentioned before is drilled lugs. Drilled lugs make it easier to remove spring bars when switching between straps, although you will still need a tool to push the bar through the hole. You won’t need a tool for the changing between the stock straps that come with the watch however, as these will be single piece straps.

On that note, I noticed on the prototypes that the sharp edge on the underside of the case between the lugs was catching on the leather strap. For the production version we will machine a slice out of the case there so that the strap can slide more smoothly between the case and the spring bars.

One last detail I should mention about the prototypes. The rehaut ring will have the words ASSEMBLED IN NEW ZEALAND. The prototypes are engraved and painted, but for the production version will only be engraved.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next post in the series.

Kia kaha



  1. Marinus Snijder

    I don’t know how many people come in contact with high amounts of electro magnetic radiation on a dayly basis.
    And how many watchcollectors unscrew there backcasis regularly for a viton seal to be efficient.
    After time a watchmaker would replace it annyways.
    After these thoughts I think the watch looks nice.
    And if is was on a bracelet and 42mm I would consider it buying.
    Still waiting for the Agulhas😜
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards M.Snijder

  2. Initial photos and case specifications look really promising, dial design is right on the military trend, other brands seem to scrimp on lume so hopefully its on the manufacturing list to include high levels, another impressive addition to the brand, fantastic

    1. Thanks so much Tom. Yes, we take a lot of inspiration from the military and aviation. Lume will be top-class. Will share a few more shots of the actual lume on the prototypes.

  3. Tony Grainger

    Good stuff Mike. What will the movement be, and when will the watch be available? Also price?
    I have a watch with the type of spring bars you mention, and in practice it is very difficult to change the bars using the special tool without scratching the watch.

  4. Brent Spencer

    Excellent size for me. We will have a choice of straps? Roughly what the final price going to be ?
    Keep up the good work Mike

  5. I’m really looking forward to this watch. The size is particularly attractive as I have a 175 mm wrist and long lug-to-lug watches which overhang or equal the width of my wrist are non-starters. This will be my first wrist watch with a small seconds hand. I’m champing at the bit! Bring it on!

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