Field testing the Kalahari on Kilimanjaro

One of our customers (thernlund) was generous enough to order a Kalahari for his friend who was climbing Kilimanjaro mountain in March. Unfortunately with the delays in production, we had to send one of the prototypes as a substitute, but the test on the mountain would be totally real.

While climbing the mountain is no mean feat in itself, it was the journey to get there that was so epic. Hyrum Grissom had to shed over 220lbs (100kg) to be in the right state to even attempt it. He has been posting about his journey on Instagram and recently gave us a shout out about the Kalahari and how it handled on the winding road to Kilimanjaro. Below is the quote and some pics from the adventure. Congrats on a fantastic achievement Hyrum!

As the clock wound down on my time to leave for Africa I got a call from my buddy @thernlund letting me know he had something for me. 
To say I was humbled that he’d arranged me for me to take a prototype #drakenkalahari from #drakenwatches on my climb of Mt Kilimanjaro would be putting it absolutely mildly. I was staggered. 
The quality of the watch is incredible, with each feature and choice made with no small thought, and from various refinements and flair subtle and overt this was a gorgeous #timepiece and even the presentation was phenomenal and screamed of class befitting more a gentleman than yours truly. 
It rode on my wrist through the entire trip, from back aching flights to the days spent in the shadow of #Kilimanjaro the roof of Africa. Unfortunately once the climb began my attention was more to getting up there mountain and taking pictures of others than glamour shots appropriate to the watch on my wrist. It never slowed down and the timer was massively helpful for team pacing on up the climb. 
Apologies to @drakenwatches I didn’t get a gorgeous photo for you at the summit. I had to turn back at Camp Kosovo at just over 16k feet due to Altitude Sickness and fear of HACE. 
So while this attempt didn’t finalize quite like I’d hoped, I’m already working on arrangements for a return trip to get to #uhurupeak that return trip will be with a production version of the #kalahari

Thank you for your generosity and support. #radiatinghope#joelforsmanphotography#fatboynomore #mementomori#dothework

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