Draken Peregrine production update

Hello Peregrine pilots!

Production has been rolling along smoothly and the various components are starting to come through the gates. The straps and buckles are complete and are looking great. During production we decided to make a slight change to these which is detailed below.

The strap will now be 22mm at the buckle and use the same buckle we used on the Tugela. We feel that the wider strap balances better with the 44mm diameter of the watch, making it more stable on the wrist. The leather strap is also more durable than the padded version on the prototype and a huge step up from the one we used on the Tugela. The green canvas will also have the 22mm buckle. We also made sure that the leather and canvas straps had extra length based on feedback from customers.


The dials will be ready end of April, and the cases will be done mid May. The hands were completed but did not pass our QC standards and were sent back. We left a bit of buffer in our timeline for such delays, so at this stage we are still looking at an early June delivery.

We’ll also be shipping these neat little patches with your watch. They are super easy to apply – just iron it on! They look great on a military green jacket!

Not long to go now! Can’t wait to send these watches out to you all, will keep you posted on further progress.

Over and out


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