The Date Ring

The other detail on the dial that I am really excited about, is the date window, or more specifically, the date ring behind the date window. I have managed to find a supplier that can do lumed numbers on the date ring! the Date ring will be glowing white text on black background, and for the 1st of the month, the date will be black on a glowing circle backgrund! This will make for an exciting surprise once a month – a little detail that you will hopefully appreciate.


  1. This is a very nice touch!!!!!

  2. Rich visser

    I’d really love to see a date that glows at night, how cool. And fairly unique.
    Can’t wait to support this project, I look forward to notification of its launch.

    1. Thanks Rich. I’m really excited about this feature too. Appreciate your support.

  3. That’d be a bit odd. If the date changes at midnight the new date would not be lumed since it is behind the dial. It would be a nicer touch to have a slot of three dates shown and a lumed arrow pointing at the correct date.

    1. Thats a good point Justin. We’ll have to consider doing that for a future model. Perhaps a pilot style.

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