The Box Design

So, I’ve been debating whether to go with a travel case (a popular option among many microbrand watch companies) or a box.

The advantage of using a travel case is that you can reuse the case again for storing a spare watch while wearing another watch on your wrist. The cost of a travel case is also relatively cheap. The disadvantage of a case is that the presentation is not as professional.

What I like about a box, is that it can be custom designed to match your brand perfectly. I have thus been thinking about the brand that I want to create with Draken Watches and what level of expectation my customers will have upon receiving their Tugela watch in the mail. With the Tugela, I am building it as a professional, serious tool watch. I want it to be taken seriously, not just in the microbrand watch space, but also in the wider watch world. I would also love to see Draken available at some boutique watch retail stores. To this end, I have decided to go with a more professional watch box. 

The box will be a black PU leather, with possibly a white, or light grey material inside. The stitching on the outside will be white, with a branded logo on the top. Inside will have a sectioned compartment for the watch with a cushion, and a slot for the instruction booklet. In the lid of the box there will be 2 folds/pockets: one for the warranty card, and the other for the extra nylon NATO strap.

The instruction booklet

Why an instruction booklet? Is it going to cost me an extra $10? We decided to go with an instruction booklet because for many, this will be their first automatic watch. You shouldn’t have to google how to wind your watch or set the date. You shouldn’t have to find out the hard way that its bad to leave your watch next to a magnet and then have to take it to a watch repairer to be fixed. I hear you say, duh obviously! No, not obviously. I was one of those guys whos first automatic watch was a microbrand, and I would have loved to have had a little bit more information that came with the box. I’m not talking about a 100 page bible on the intricate workings of an automatic watch, but just a few handy tips for making the most of your purchase. Its kind of like the booklet that came with the CD’s we used to buy; you would listen to the CD first and foremost, but you would always take out the booklet at some stage, and if the artist was thoughtful, they would have included the lyrics to their songs. I dont expect people to read it from cover to cover before touching the watch, but come back to it after a few hours or days. I know you will appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail.

The warranty card

I have been thinking about how to make this more than just a useless piece of plastic. Could I turn it into some kind of tool? I could imbed an NFC chip, but what would that link to? Still thinking about this, and I’ll let you know when I come up with a good idea. Or, if one of you have an idea drop me a line in the comments below!


  1. A warranty card that also is a holder or sleeve for a springbar tool

    1. Nice idea!

  2. The tissot T have a handy container which travels easily as it is all rounded and fits in; it’s also a good place to store it to keep it out of the dust.

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