The Case

The case of the watch will be made from 316L Stainless Steel, also known as marine grade stainless steel. There are many types of stainless steel. 316 is known for its increased corrosion resistance. A typical composition of 18% chromium and 10% nickel, commonly known as 18/10 stainless, is often used in cutlery and high-quality cookware. The finish will be bead blasted, which will give it a matt satin like finish, to avoid unwanted scratches and keep a low reflectivity. ProteaThe design of the case is inspired by the protea flower. Proteas are the national flower of South Africa, and commonly found in the Drakensberg region, the mountain range of which the watch is named after. The case tapers outwards from the base, and seamlessly joins the bezel. The edge of the bezel is coin edged, but also tapers out as it runs downward. The lugs join the tapered sides of the case with a hard line and will have bevelled outer edges. This will give the watch a stealth-like, machined appearance – a tool watch designed for the rugged outdoors. Sapphire crystal will protect the dial. Sapphire is virtually scratch resistant, one step down from diamond. The bezel top surface will curve at the same angle as the curve of the crystal, reducing the surface friction seams in the case – less likely to catch on a cuff. Measurements:

  • Lug to lug: 48.5mm
  • Lugs: 22mm
  • Width without crown: 42mm
  • Height: 14mm



  1. Have you considered drilled lugs for quick and easy removal of the springbars?

    1. The leather strap will come with quick release spring bars – a little lever to be able to remove the strap easily. We’ll also provide a couple quick release spring bars with the NATO strap to be able to easily attach and detach that. I like the idea of the warranty card having a sleeve for the spring bars though!

  2. Will the Bezel utilize a ceramic insert, and will the markers and numbers on it be Lumed?
    Thank you.
    Love the overall design and target pricing, my only small faded hope was that you would offer snowflake hands.

    1. Hi Mark. The bezel insert is aluminium, and no they are not lumed. I decided the go with custom designed hands to match the shapes of the 9 and 3 markers. I don’t think snowflake hands would have integrated as well with the design. I specifically chose the shape of the second hand to align with the 12h mark as it passes underneath. there is a video of this on the Draken Instagram page.

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