Final Dial and Bezel Designs

I have finalised the the design of the face and bezel. The design is inspired by vintage submariner watches ( such as Rolex and Tudor) but is still unique enough that it wont be classed as a homage.

The shapes that make up the 12 o’clock index is repeated for 3 and 9, but swapped around to make a hexagon shape. A detail which I am quite proud of, is that the rotated square on the second had fits into the negative space created by the shape at the bottom of the 12 o’clock index. Hopefully I can get this detail right for the production version.

The dial will be a slight off black matt with orange highlights. Originally I was going to go with half second marks between the full second marks, but after some suggestions from the Watchuseek community, have decided to remove them and only show the full second markers. The lume on the face will be Swiss made Superluminova, the most luminous paint on the market. I want this to be as close to white as possible, to maximize daytime contrast.

The Bezel. I wanted to keep this clean and functional, including vital information and keeping in line with the modern design of the case. Again I put the design out to the watch forum and narrowed down the design from 4 different options. The final bezel design pays homage to the dive watches of yore, but being a bit more spacious with the font and using thinner markings. The colours have changed slightly. The blue is slightly darker (less baby blue) and the red is also darker, more serious, mature.



  1. Will it be possible to chnage the bezel easily? So, oneday one may wear the red bezel and the black version on the next?

    1. No, unfortunately they wont be interchangeable. They bezel inserts will be glued to the bezel. The bezel can be removed, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this as you could damage it.

      1. Hi there, what is the material of the bezel? Is it Ceramic?

  2. Howard Gabrielse

    Really impressive! Is there any chance of a white dial?

    1. I could possibly look at that as an option if there is enough interest. Will ask during the Kickstarter campaign.

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