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Field testing the Kalahari on Kilimanjaro

One of our customers (thernlund) was generous enough to order a Kalahari for his friend who was climbing Kilimanjaro mountain in March. Unfortunately with the delays in production, we had to send one of the prototypes as a substitute, but the test on the mountain would be totally real. While climbing the mountain is no […]

Field testing the Tugela and Kalahari

This past weekend some friends and I went out on the water for a spot of fishing and skin diving. I took the Kalahari and Tugela with to see how they would perform. I’ve edited this little video to share the experience: The Kalahari is rated to 100m WR with screw down crowns and case […]

The New Zealand Alpine Team in Nepal

The New Zealand Alpine Team recently returned from a successful trip to Nepal where they ascended Cholatse via the¬†French route on the North Face. They got some really great photos along the way, featuring the Draken Tugela. More details to follow, but for now, enjoy…