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September ’22 Update

Hey Team Draken, This is going to be a bit of an update on what’s happening at Draken. It has been a busy couple months with the Kruger production landing, the Kruger SE being announced, and now the Tugela GMT shipping imminently. Tugela GMT On that last point, we are experiencing a slight delay due […]

Timezones – borders set in time

While creating the instruction booklet for our upcoming GMT, I realised how random and silly some time zones are. Similar to country borders, or the side of the road you drive on, many countries have been locked into a particular timezone just because that was what was decided by some leader decades ago. For example, […]

Tugela GMT, yeah baby!

Yep, sometimes we do follow market trends, and the popularity of the Tugela Super Blue LE could not be ignored. We’ve had so many requests for the Super Blue LE since the limited 120 pieces sold out, that we had to find a way to bring that colour combo back. So, please let me introduce […]

Get to know the owner

If you have ever bought a Draken, you’ll probably have received a hand-written thank-you note from me. It’s a little personal touch that makes the experience just a little more special.  Some know that I will go out of my way when it comes to customer service. Many businesses treat it as a time waste […]

Draken supports rhino anti-poaching

To celebrate the launch of the new Draken watch, the Kruger, we are proud to support a wildlife ranger sponsorship program, in association with Anti-poaching and Tracking Specialists, (ATS).  ATS is an award-winning, rhino protection, illegal wildlife trafficking, and canine organisation, safeguarding special species in one of the largest private conservancies in Africa. ATS has […]

Update on the Kruger chrono

It’s been a while since I shared some info on the Kruger, so in this post, I would like to share a bit about the final dial design, and a few tweaks we’ve made along the way. So, for starters here is the line up! We wanted to keep it simple and utilitarian for this […]

Introducing the Kruger chronograph

When I started Draken 5 years ago, I set out to create a brand of watches that would be durable, reliable and unique. Our first watch – the Tugela – drew inspiration from the rugged terrain of the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. Since then the brand has continuously pushed the envelope with unique designs and features, most […]

The next model from Draken

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working hard on the design of the Kruger pilot chronograph. Design is a part of this job I absolutely love, so it wasn’t that hard to find the motivation to work till 12AM most nights.  Chronograph design is particularly challenging. Getting all the elements to fit […]

Draken Origins – Episode 3: King Shaka

For the 2021 launch of the Tugela, we’ve added an exclusive version called the ‘Shaka’. No, we didn’t name it after the surfer gesture of appreciation 🤙 , but in fact after the legendary Zulu warrior king – Shaka. Who was Shaka? The story of how Shaka came to power reads like an episode of […]

Making of the Benguela – The Prototypes

I’ve spent the past few weeks testing out the Benguela prototypes and getting feedback from fellow watch enthusiasts. With three different band options (bracelet, rubber and leather), it was important to get a feel for each and make sure they worked with the watch head. Responses have been extremely positive! At a RedBar get together […]