Draken First Aid Kit

​Hey Folks.

Most of you know about the MOLLE pouches that our watches come in. The idea of these pouches is that they can be attached to a larger bag, and reused to carry other things like tools, a phone or some useful supplies.

One of the ideas that came from the community was a first aid kit. We have started doing some research and testing for this. The size of the kit would have to be reasonably small, but we should be able to fit a few essential items that make up a basic first-aid kit in there.

We’ve already learned that the plastic tweezers and scissors in these standard kits are pretty sub-par, so we would look to replace these.

Additionally, we’ll create a velcro patch to put on the MOLLE pouch to indicate FIRST AID.

I’m interested to hear what you all think about this. What other things would you put into the MOLLE pouch? Battery pack? Solar panel kit? Emergency poncho/blanket? Bear spray? Leave a comment on our blog.

Kia kaha.



  1. Dear Mike. Everything you do at Draken watches is 100% on the mark every time and this is why Draken watches are on my top ten brands list and will stay there.

    1. Cheers mate! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Great idea Mike. Have a look at PracMed NZ – It is veteran owned and these guys are pretty well regarded in the industry. I carry their IFAK. Good luck!

    1. Cheers John. Thanks for sharing about PracMed. Just looking at the IFAK one you mentioned. I met the guy who makes those bags. Great company! Cool to see some of the other products in there.

    2. Kevin Yuh

      The most important element to survival in the back country, under emergency conditions, is fire so I plan on assembling a fire starter kit to include a ferro rod, striker, tinder & waterproof matches. to put in the molle pouch the Peregrine ships in.

      1. Nice one! Yeah, I think we could do a separate one specifically for fire-starting.

  3. thomas schakow

    See Dr
    Strangelove when slim Pickens inventories his emergency kit.

    1. Ha ha. Just watched it. Here is the link for everyone else: https://youtu.be/vPwW7RaPO_g?si=JGvw6TvR_LKFmt_u

  4. Just to be clear, only first aid items should apply, correct? This isn’t a mini survival kit, is it? If matches, repellant sprays, twine, etc. start to make their way in, that could open Pandora’s box or randomness. I’m fine with gauze, bandages, sutures, packing, tourniquet, whistle, etc. Please don’t stray too far from that path. I’m looking forward to setting the final kit!

    1. I’m interested to know what else you might use the MOLLE pouch for. We’re starting with a first aid kit, but we could potentially do a separate fire-starting kit for example.

  5. Andrew Pullens

    I love this idea!
    I’m a rucker. No, that’s not a derogatory term! I participate in rucking as a sport, i.e. I walk with a weighted rucksack (backpack) for fun and exercise. One of the things I carry in my rucksack is a first aid kit. But it’s buried inside the ruck. Having the essentials in an external molle pouch is a great idea!

  6. Nice one Mike!
    What about those saline squeezy things for washing wounds? Those emergency blankets could be useful for shock e.g. https://pracmednz.com/product/emergency-blanket-1-layer/

    Personally interested in an insert to convert into a travel watch pouch with side storage for screw drivers, springbar tool and microfibre cloth?

    Also interested in other peoples ideas for different load outs!

  7. Excellent, Mike. I would be in for that. I don’t wear molle but I do have a spare pocket or two in my hydration vest I wear motorcycling

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