Draken Watches now shipping from SA direct!

We’re excited to announce that Draken Watches now has a dispatch office in South Africa! This means that South African orders will be packaged and shipped locally, so you won’t have to deal with import taxes and duty fees.

The other big change is that you can now shop and pay in South African Rands. If you are based in SA, the website will automatically convert and show prices in Rands, unless you choose to shop in USD.

Please note that Draken is paying the import taxes and duty upfront when the watches enter SA. As of the 12th of April 2024, Draken will be recouping these fees, which will be added to your total in the checkout.

At this stage, the following models and accessories will ship from SA:

  • Benguela NH35A Green
  • Tugela Green
  • Tugela Black
  • Tugela Red
  • Tugela ‘Double Drab’
  • Tugela Steel
  • Aoraki Flieger
  • Aoraki Milspec
  • Brown leather strap with orange stitch
Please get in touch via Whatsapp or email to double-check stock availability prior to ordering.


  1. Jon Edwards

    Hi there, I’m in joburg, is there any way I can see these watches live? I love the look but I want to feel them

    1. Hey Jon. I’ll come back to you by email about this.

  2. It’s amazing to have a bespoke watch case & intricate detailing in an automatic watch , designed by a fellow South African. Great work & fantastic reviews also. Keep it up. Can’t wait for mine to arrive in durban now.

    1. Thanks Rav. Will send you the tracking shortly.

  3. John Collins

    Hi Mike, any stores in Cape Town stocking Tugela Black. ALways like to see it first hand before purchasing.

    1. Hey John. Will flick you an email in reply.

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