Looking ahead to 2024

Hey folks.

I have been giving some thought to what models we will release in 2024, and started a couple of discussions on our social channels about some of our past models.

In a previous email, I shared some designs for an updated version of the Peregrine, a pilot-style watch we originally launched in 2017. I’m planning on relaunching the Peregrine in March 2024.

I want to re/launch a second model in 2024, and I need your help deciding what it is. Below is a list of the candidates, but first, an update on the Peregrine project.

Peregrine V2

We’ve added a bracelet to the offering in a brushed finish to match the case. It will taper from 22mm to 18mm, which should make it feel a bit lighter on the wrist, balancing the thinner profile case nicely. Quick-release spring bars for easy removal, and we’ll also be testing out a new clasp which I will share more on later.

I’ve also designed a full-lume BGW9 version. Let me know what you think.

We will likely only do 300pcs of these, and we’ll start the serials from 001, as this is a very different model from the original.


This was our desert military-themed model that we launched in 2018. Featuring a unique power reserve indicator and a dual crown compressor-style design, it has become one of the most requested models we made. The internal bezel did present some QC issues. I have been considering dropping the second crown and going with an external bezel to reduce problems. Alternatively, we reduce the number of versions.


This was the titanium chronograph we launched in 2021. It had a ceramic bezel insert and boasted a 300m water resistance. We coated the grade 2 titanium to give it 1200HV scratch resistance. I would prefer to do this model again in stainless steel. This would ensure the bezel mechanism is nice and tight with a better click. I would also like to do a small batch with the Valjoux 7750 auto movement. We would do a similar layout to the Kruger SE that we did. Let me know your thoughts.



After the Benguela, I had a play with creating a chronograph using the same case. I stole the hands from the Kalahari and designed a bold dial with Old-Radium style lume. The hooded lugs of the Benguela were quite divisive, but they just suited the bold submarine-style look of this watch. We could also do a version with a mint-coloured lume.

Something else?

I did have a brief play at designing a UTC-style watch similar to Sinn’s 856 UTC. We could use the same case as the Aoraki, making it a compact 39mm watch using Seiko’s NH34A auto movement with GMT complication.

About a year ago SII released this new skeleton movement. I know skeleton watches are quite niche, but I just love the dark olive colour of this movement and the contrast it creates with the ruby coloured jewels. If done right, this could be a really interesting watch that is still quite legible.

We could also do another production of the Aoraki to bring back the ‘Vector’ and Zulu’ versions that were so popular.

So, those are the options. I have put together a short survey to collect some feedback to help me make a more informed decision. I would love to get your input!




  1. I would love to see a GMT watch in a style like the Sinn 857 UTC or Laco Hamburg DIN 8330 GMT (43 or 44mm) with a „true GMT“ complication like the Miyota 9075 movement offers! That would be a dream combo! Otherwise a stainless steel Kruger with 7750 movement would be very nice! A steel Kruger with a Mechaquartz would be fine as well.

  2. Stewart Matthews

    Would love to see a Kruger se with a automatic movement but with mint green lume

  3. Hi Mike, how about the bezel you mention on the Kalahari is a compass? Like the new Hamilton?

    1. Interesting idea. If we made it an external bezel, it would make it easier to do multiple types of bezels and swap out the insert.

  4. Michael Petrizzo

    100% down for a Kruger with a Valjoux 7750!!! #takemymoney

    1. Cheers Mike. Appreciate the comment.

  5. Ricky lee jones

    Hi mike, if you do a v2 peregrine and it’s under 13mm thick put me down in the order book for one. I have the original peregrine with full lumped dial no 043 so would love a v2 peregrine with black dial to live along side the older model. Great work.

    1. Thanks Ricky. 12.75mm! A black Peregrine would totally complement your V1.

      1. +1 for a black dial Peregrine with white indices and hands!

        1. Cheers Jose. Appreciate the feedback.

    2. Hi Mike,
      I love my Tugela and am very much looking forward to your new models. A pilot watch similar to the Sinn, ultra legible with substantial hands and perhaps a bezel like the Kalahari would be very interesting for me. I really like that turbine inspired style, I think it adds a lot of interest, it is asymmetrical, but in an undisturbing way, a bit like the Oris Propilot.
      I wish you Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year!

  6. Kevin Morrissey

    I really like the idea of the Kalahari with an external dive bezel similar to the one shown on the Agulhas – sand blasted of course.

    1. Cheers Kevin. Appreciate the feedback.

  7. New to the brand but love the aesthetics of the Kalahari, great date placement and case detailing, would be fun to see this with fixed lugs supplied with a couple of good quality nato’s.

    1. Cheers Dave! So glad you found us! We get a lot of requests to bring the Kalahari back. With all the pressure we are bound to make a new production happen soon!

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