Draken supports rhino anti-poaching

To celebrate the launch of the new Draken watch, the Kruger, we are proud to support a wildlife ranger sponsorship program, in association with Anti-poaching and Tracking Specialists, (ATS). 

One of the highly trained Malinois tracker dogs

ATS is an award-winning, rhino protection, illegal wildlife trafficking, and canine organisation, safeguarding special species in one of the largest private conservancies in Africa. ATS has trained hundreds of rangers for wildlife units in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Chad, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has done special rhino training for parks, including, African Parks, and is considered to have created one of the best Malinois dog units in Southern Africa. 

7% of the profits of each Kruger watch will go towards funding for the training of these rangers, to pay tribute to the remarkable work that they do on the ground. This has long been a cause I am personally passionate about, and I am excited that Draken will also be supporting the efforts to save the rhino. 

The ATS rangers giving a rhino its ear notches. These become unique identifiers for trackers spotting them in the wild.

Every year, hundreds of rhino are lost to poaching in the illegal trade of horns, to certain countries that believe it to have mythical healing properties. Studies have proven that there are no benefits to the use of rhino horn, which has the same biological makeup as fingernails.
Please follow and support the ATS team on Instagram and Facebook, and see the incredible content of the K9s in training, the aerial unit in operation, rhino work and more @ats_antipoaching.

The Kruger 

Our next model, the Kruger, will have a relief sculpted case back with a rhino, set against the African savannah. Find out more about the watch here.

The case back of the upcoming Kruger
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