You’ve all been asking for it, so I’m going to make it happen! We’re going to do a second production of the Tugela!

The Tugela was our first model and has by far been our most popular model to date. For the second run of the Tugela, we want to make a few minor tweaks to the original, and add a couple more colour options. These are the things I’m going to focus on.

The case

I’m looking at whether we can do the case of the Tugela in titanium (update: we stuck with steel for version 2.0). This would make it a major upgrade to the original. The downside is that it would make it a lot lighter. I might look at engraving the ‘DRAKEN’ brand name on the side of the case, as this is a feature we would like to carry on all our watches.

The dial

I really want to step up the dial quality a notch with this production. We’ll be reworking the original design to make some of the lines bolder and make sure the dial print is crisp and clear. We’ll use the same dial maker we used on the Peregrine and Kalahari. This dial maker specialises in the layering of lume. To that effect, the lume on the new Tugela is going to be vastly improved. I also want the lume to have a slight green tint to it. This was how it looked in the original design, but not so much in the production run.

I’m going to look at introducing a matt blue dial to match the blue bezel for a full-on aqua blue look. I really think this will look fantastic so stay tuned for renders!

The hands

The orange on the minute hand will be a little brighter – less of a red, more of an orange. This will add better contrast with the dial.

The straps/bracelet?

While many of our customers loved the leather straps, I think they can be improved on. We’re going to add a lining layer on both the bottom to improve the finish and increase the thickness of the strap. We’re also going fix the flimsy keepers that were on the production straps.

Depending on how much we raise in preorders, we’ll look at doing a bracelet option. We really want to do it with solid end links, so this will mean opening a new mould which will cost a little extra.

The crown

The crown on the original was a little short and hard to unscrew with the crown guards. By making these 0.55mm long it will give you that extra grip to screw and unscrew.


The original Tugela had a few QC issues with the movement. This may have been due where the NH35A’s were made. I will be making sure that the top grade version of this movement is used on the next production of the Tugela.


Some customers reported bezels that had a bit of play. The source of this problem has bee isolated and we know how to resolve it. You can be sure that the bezels on the next run of Tugelas will be tight, with a satisfying click. We’ll be sticking with the aluminium bezel insert. I really like the idea that your bezel will gain character over time with each little scratch telling a story. This is known as ‘Wabi’ in Japanese. We really hope you will use this watch as a daily beater. They weren’t designed to be left in a watch case.


We’ll keep it at the same price (US$300) but offer a good discount for preorders – possibly 25%.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the above tweaks. Let me know in the comments below.

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